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Our website address is: We revies products so that you dont need to. To help you before buying. We test by ourself and may use a third party partner or AI, we can also use reviews on the internet and combine them for you to help you in your quest for the right answers about a specific product.


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Affiliate links

Best American Reviews may in some articles use affiliate links. We have choosen to use Affiliate links instead of ads on our webpage. This is to be able to run this webpage whitout ads that ruins your reading experiment. When an affiliate link is used, it will be written in the review for full transparency. If you choose to buy an article that´s reviewed on this site, we will earn a small commission that heps us run this webpage and makes us able to expand and write more reviews for you. We use Amazon as one of our affiliate partners.

Affiliate links are special URLs that contain a unique code that identifies the affiliate who is promoting a product or service. These links are used to track sales and commissions for affiliates.

When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. The commission is a percentage of the sale price, and it is set by the merchant.

Affiliate links are a common way for companies to promote their products and services online. Many websites, including reviewing websites and blogs, use affiliate links to monetize their content.

When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their device that contains the affiliate’s unique code. This cookie is usually valid for a certain period of time, such as 30 days.

If the customer makes a purchase within this time frame, the sale is credited to the affiliate. The affiliate earns a commission on the sale, and the merchant receives the sale price minus the commission.